Smashwords New Art & Book Specials


By now, you have probably heard that Smashwords is changing their image requirements for book covers.

You can read Mark Coker's blog about the new image requirements and why they're doing this. All current book cover images are "grandfathered in." New requirements take effect July 15 so start working on them now. If you need an artist, check the Indie Resource Page of SlingWords to find one.

Indie Book Blowout

From June 15 to 16, all books on the site are only $.99. Books from several different genres.

Book Lovers Buffet

From June 8 to 22, all books listed on this site are only $.99. There are more than 150 romance novels representing all romance genres.

Takeaway Truth

Stock up on some great books so you can take a break when you start going crazy updating your cover art designs.

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