Review: Nike's Wings by Valerie Douglas

I didn't know quite what to expect when I bought Nike's Wings by Valerie Douglas.

You see, Ms. Douglas doesn't just cross genres -- she leaps over them. With books from classic fantasy to erotic romance, she has books in multiple genres. Even her so-called single genre books are a melange of elements from other genres.

I purposely did not read the description because so many descriptions spoil an excellent premise and good plot twists. I like to be surprised. Plus, the title sold me on the book without reading the book blurb.

I've intended to read Nike's Wings ever since I found Ms. Douglas on one of the many online writing hot spots. Finally, it came to the top of my TBR mountain.

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Callie, an all-American teenager bored by the adults traveling with her and her father on what has been a rather mundane trip, is thrust into an unending nightmare in a "ripped from the headlines" event. Unending? Not precisely. I guess even Hell has a light at the end of a long tunnel.

Strengthened by one night of feeling safe and secure in the arms of a man who promises to save her gives her the emotional fortitude to endure.

I really don't want to give spoilers about the plot, but suffice it to say that Fate lends a hand, she is eventually reunited with the man who gave her the memory that she clung to in an effort to hang onto her humanity.

Adversity builds character they say. In Callie's case, adversity turns her into Nike Tallent, a woman who might well be called the Destroyer. Without roots, family, or friends, and trusting no one, she finds salvation where she least expects it.

Riveting characterization, well-plotted action sequences, and a believable romance highlight this tale of a woman who will "not go quietly into that goodnight."

Looking for a riproaring action thriller with great characters and emotion? You can't go wrong with Nike's Wings by Valerie Douglas.

Takeaway Truth

I'm surprised some movie producer hasn't optioned this book. It has all the elements an actress would want in a breakout role.

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