Who Writes Leverage?

Have you become a loyal Leverage viewer? We have from the very first episode. The show, as I've written before, has a lot to recommend it, and not just for Timothy Hutton's casting as Nate, the good guy who organizes a band of thieves, grifters, and muscle into a group that rights wrongs and gives justice and redress when the system fails.

Created by Chris Downey and John Rogers, Leverage is a must-see for caper flick fans. Each episode is a finely drawn con created to shaft someone who so richly deserves it. It should appeal to the Walter Mitty in all of us.

Cast and Characters

Led by Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford, the cast that brings these characters to life are: Christian Kane, known to fans as a lawyer with Wolfram and Hart on the fabulous series Angel, is Eliot Spencer, the muscle; Aldis Hodge is computer wizard Alec Hardison who can hack anything, anytime, anywhere; Gina Bellman is Sophie Devereaux, an aspiring actress who can't act unless she's working a con; and Beth Riesgraf as Parker, a thief so good no one knows she's ripped them off.


Of course, as a writer, I know that any television show or movie is only as good as the writing. Quality writing has to be the foundation on which a successful story is built. In the case of Leverage, the top notch caper flick every week is written by a team including Chris Downey (17 episodes), John Rogers (16 episodes), Amy Berg (3 episodes), and Albert Kim (3 episodes).


Prior to Leverage, Chris Downey's pedigree included stints as producer and writer of The King of Queens, What About Joan?, the Joan Cusack series that didn't catch fire; Oh, Grow Up; and an episode of Cosby.

John Rogers was a producer on Global Frequency, Red Skies, and several episodes of Cosby. His writing credits before Leverage include: Transformers (story) aka Transformers: The IMAX Experience (USA: IMAX version), an episode of Eureka, Global Frequency, the screenplay for Catwoman, The Core, Red Skies, American Outlaws, an episode of Jackie Chan Adventures, and 9 episodes of Cosby.

Amy Berg was on the crew of The 4400 as executive story editor for 13 episodes and story editor for 5 episodes. She also served as story editor for one episode of Threshold, a sci fi series that was compelling but didn't build an audience. Add in North Shore, Boomtown, Kenan & Kel, and All That to conclude her writing credits. As a producer, she's been co-producer on 13 episodes of Leverage.

In addition to Leverage, Albert Kim has written 2 episodes of Dirt, and he's worn the Producer hat for two episodes of ESPN Hollywood.


The series has the talents of Dean Devlin (6 episodes), Marc Roskin (3 episodes), Jonathan Frakes (2 episodes), and Rod Hardy (2 episodes).

Devlin has credits as a Director for Leverage, Writer, Actor, and Producer. He's produced diverse projects from Stargate and Independence Day to The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice. As a writer, he's scripted or assisted in the writing of Universal Soldier in 1992, Stargate, Independence Day, an episode of TV's Stargate SG-1, Godzilla, Universal Soldier: The Return, the TV mini series The Triangle, an episode of Leverage, and the new Universal Soldier: A New Beginning, now in post-production.

Marc Roskin has credits as Producer and Director. Prior to Leverage on which he serves as producer and director for several episodes, he served as producer on many of the same projects as Devlin.

Jonathan Frakes is probably more familiar to the general public as an actor. As Commander Riker of the Enterprise, he has a loyal following. He has numerous Director credits for everything from various Star Trek vehicles to Diagnosis Murder to one of my favorite series, Roswell where he also made cameo appearances and served as Producer. He also directed 2 of The Librarian TV movies.

Rod Hardy has dozens of directing credits going back to Division 4 in 1974. Since the century turned, he's directed, in addition to 2 episodes of Leverage, episodes of Mental, Saving Grace, Dollhouse, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Battlestar Galactica, December Boys, Touching Evil, The Practice, Robbery Homicide Division, Route 52, Hack, JAG, Special Unit 2, The X Files, and High Noon.

Takeaway Truth

Don't miss this motley crew of likable characters, each with their own growth arc, who have bonded together as the family each of them needs, whether they know it or not.

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