New Sony E-Readers

Sony has entered the hotly contested electronic reader war. They just came out with two models to go head to head with Amazon's Kindle.

The Reader Pocket Edition has a 5-inch display and will sell for $199. Reader Touch Edition has the same along with a touch-screen version and will sell for $299. I guess if you want the version that accumulates fingerprints on the screen faster than a new author's fleeting fame, you have to pay more. Much more.

Takeaway Truth

Electronic readers will never become massively popular until the masses can afford to buy them.

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  1. Or until the formatting works for all readers. I have an e-Reader; it's an eBookwise and I love it despite its limitations. It's not 'instead of paper' it's, 'in addition to.' There are times when it's a better choice than a dead tree book. There are times when the reverse is true. I would hate to have to make a choice.