Show Off Your URL

You've opened a website whether that's your domain name, a Café Press shop, or a blog. How do you let people know so they can come and visit.

Well, if you had changed residences, you'd send out little note cards that say: "The Rumplestiltskins have moved to 123 Easy Street" because that's your new address.

In the cyber world, your new address is the URL (Uniform Resource Link), that http thingee that stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. All that tells the enormous linked computer array where you are on the World Wide Web.

Now that you've got that URL, what do you do with it, if anything?

Promote and Publicize

You add the URL to your Signature File on Emails, maybe with a tagline. Here are a few fictional examples for laughs.

Jack Rumplestiltskin
Where Fairy Tales Meet Reality

Have a good one!
Beauty Adams
Sleep Renewal Specialist Guarantees You Awake Beautiful!

Stick It Where?

In fact, you stick your URL on all your electronic and print resources. That means, emails, chat and blog comments, and any other place in cyber space you can list it. On print materials, it means business cards, letterhead, speaker sheets, brochures, bookmarks, postcards, biography, press releases, media kits, and bumper stickers. (My Café Press shop The WriteWay offers a customizable bumper sticker.)

Teaching a class? Stick it on the course materials. Advertising professionals used to say that it took 9 times for a person to see a name before it stuck. In a world where everyone is trying to get your attention, it may take many more times than 9 before someone remembers it.

Takeaway Truth

In today's world, the Internet is a crowded marketplace with millions vying for the attention of web visitors. Take every opportunity to direct attention to your place of business, i.e., your website.

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