Harry Potter Bewilders Me

Writing a review of the latest Harry Potter movie is a damned if you do/damned if you don't situation. If I say what I really think, I'll tick off all the Harry Potter fans. If I try to sugar coat it, I'll be insincere. Besides, regardless of what I say, it won't change anyone's mind. You either love Harry or you don't.

By now, you've probably already figured out that I don't much care for Harry and the gang. In fact, I'll be honest. I'm not a fan. Fantasy of the wizards and sorcerers type isn't my thing, and the mythical world created by J. K. Rowling just doesn't interest me. If you're like my daughter and love it, then that's great.

Why Did I Go?

You're wondering why I went to see the movie. My daughter made me do it. Since she still can't drive after her surgery and DVT ordeal, I'm chauffeur. She's a huge Rowling/Harry Potter fan so, of course, Mom tries to accommodate her wishes. Thus, I found myself at a matinee this week.


Of course, computer graphics make it possible to replicate any world so Harry's world is faithfully executed. The actors have grown with their parts until they, and Harry and the gang, are young adults though I wonder if any young adults are as dense as this group when it comes to what the heart wants. Still, there's something appealing, albeit odd, about teens this naive and innocent.


I'm such a cynic. I find myself constantly wondering if these would-be wizards are so powerful, why can't they do a better job of ferreting out the wrong-doers and thwarting their evil plans. Again, I'll confess. I just don't get Harry Potter, and I'm bewildered by the worldwide popularity. Though I don't understand it, I certainly applaud J. K. Rowling. I love it when an author succeeds, and she has succeeded in a big way.

Takeaway Truth

What one person finds supremely appealing, another may not. Luckily, there are many books published by many different authors so there's something for everyone. From good books spring good movies. One hopes.


  1. I am very happy for J.K.Rowling, and for the children who started loving books because of hers, but I don't revere the HP books the way some people do.
    Now Elmore Leonard ... is another thing. God bless his heart.

  2. I agree that anything that gets kids to read is welcome, but the ripple effect from HP has created a homogeneity in books that, frankly, is becoming boring. I find myself longing for books about plain, ordinary people. *g*

    Now, as to the grand master Elmore Leonard... Let's talk about the new FX series Justified which is based on an Elmore Leonard character. I don't know if you're in the USA, but if you are, I hope you get to see Justified. One episode, and I'm hooked.