Quote for the Week“Going to school does not make a person educated, any more than going to a garage makes a person a car.” So said an anonymous wit. School starts tomorrow here in the Houston area. Parents, this message is for you.

Education is a process and a partnership involving child, parents, and teachers. Parents, I know it's tough when there's so much to do in today's busy world, but do not fail to do your part.

If you're wondering exactly what your part is, it's to support the teachers, don't automatically assume your little angel is in the right and the teacher is wrong, and to provide your child with the right environment at home.

What is that environment? It's one where knowledge and education are prized. Where TV, video games, Internet, and other entertainment and distractions are not allowed until after homework is done. Where bedtime is enforced. Where nourishing meals, not empty junk is provided. That's the basics. If you want to know what's needed, just ask a teacher.

Takeaway Truth

Most importantly, it's being interested in your child's school life and talking to him or her about it, even if they don't seem to want to talk. Keep the lines of communication open.


  1. You've nailed it. I was a classroom volunteer through my kids' middle school years. The responsibility for eductating their children lies with the parents. The school is one tool in the box, not the answer.

  2. Yes, I too did the volunteer thing from kindergarten on up. I wish everyone acknowledged what you said: The school is just one facet, not the entire answer.