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I'm trying to help Fred Campbell of the American Ex-Prisoners of War. I read his most recent letter to Dear Abby in which he thanked her for reaching out to veterans with service connected health issues or their surviving families.

Back Story

On July 18, 2009, Abby had written a column about benefits available to widows of vets who had died of ALS. The column generated thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls to Mr. Campbell. Due to the volume of mail, he's snowed under and worried that people may not get the help they need.


He's handling things as fast as possible, but he wants people to get the help they need as quickly as possible so he wrote Abby again and asked her to tell her readers what they should do.

1. Call the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-800-827-1000. That will help them get in touch with the VA regional office closest to them.

2. They should ask to speak with a service officer about their ALS claim for Compensation, not pension. That will help expedite the claim process.

Takeaway Truth

If you know anyone whose spouse was a vet and who died of ALS, pass this information on to them.

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