Anti-Virus Softwares

I'm always surprised by the number of people who don't use anti-virus software. They either don't pay for the subscription for the program that comes with their computers once the free trial expires, or they don't enable it, or they don't schedule regular scans.

Why Not?

Some say the anti-virus program already installed on their PCs make the machine run slow or it's too expensive to renew.

Free To Low Cost

Anti-virus software is an absolute must have, can't operate without it in today's world. If you don't want to pay hefty renewal fees, then sign up for one of the free products offered online.

AVG AntiVirus by Grisoft is a good one and is for home use so, for most users, it's perfect. Since it's free, you don't get tech support. If you're not proficient enough with computers, then buy the software and pay the annual fee.

There are other good anti-virus softwares available. I purchased VIPRE for my new laptop, and it's so good that I also bought their Firewall protection. Best thing about VIPRE, you can get a site license for very low moolah.

Takeaway Truth

Protect your PC and make sure it's not a threat to others by using anti-virus software.

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