Hit Into The Curve

Look out! Here comes one of those curve balls. Be careful, or you'll get smashed!

I've spent the last two weeks shuttling between meetings and my daughter's high school where I was helping get her classroom set up for the school term that began today. She's walking with the aid of an orthopedic boot and slowly recovering from her surgery in early June and the DVT complication in July.

Business Cutback

Oh, I squeezed in a fraction of my other daily activities like email, responding to client requests, working on edits on a romantic comedy manuscript for an editor, plotting a mystery I've been wanting to write for a long time, and writing for clients. That's just the business side of the equation. I won't bore you with the laundry, housework, cooking, and personal relationship part of my life.

Long, Long Days

I remember when my dad was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's that my mom and I read a book entitled The 36 Hour Day. The premise was if your day was extended by 12 hours that you could have time for a real life as well as rest to recover from each day's exhausting toll. Personally, I think, for a caregiver, each day seems longer than 24 hours.

Somehow, We Manage

At the moment, I think I'd need a 48 hour day in order to take care of everything and everyone with time left over to nurture me. Still, I'm just thankful to be able to handle the load and thankful that my daughter is doing well.

Today, as I said above, is the first day of school so my assistance is limited to getting her to school since she still can't drive and picking her up in the afternoon then driving to whatever doctor or lab appointment she may have. I'll have time in between to focus more on my writing business and personal life. One of these days I'll focus on nurturing me. Later. That's what Moms do. We wait.

Takeaway Truth

When life throws curve balls, you either get hit and fall apart or you learn to get a bat on that ball and move to the next base.