Summer Thoughts About Summer Delights

As summer draws to a close, I want to share some Summer Delights that usually aren't available the rest of the year.

1. Homemade ice cream.

We're making this icy cold vanilla sweetness today. It's light and melts on your tongue unlike the "heavy" commercial ice creams packed with vegetable gums to make them thick and HFCS to make them sweet.

I've never had better ice cream anywhere. It's so good that when I announce, "I'm making ice cream," we suddenly have company for dessert. I use Cousin Maybelle's recipe. (Yes, that's really her name, and don't laugh. She was a wonderful lady.) There is nothing better than the homemade vanilla ice cream from this recipe handed down through 3 generations.

2. Crape myrtles and lantana.

I love gardening and especially love the bright colors of summer flowers and shrubs. Lantana is stunning with all of the different varieties that offer a near-rainbow of colors. Although lantana is a flowering shrub, I'm always snipping branches and putting in flower vases to have fresh flowers indoors every week. I do the same with crape myrtles and also stick a rose or two in. If you're not growing a flowering shrub, you're missing an amazing opportunity to always have something blooming.

3. The smell of honeysuckle on the fence. 

Honeysuckle in the evening is the most wonderful perfume nature creates. If your climate allows, I urge you to plant some—especially if you can do it near a patio or porch. The smell is unforgettable.

[Honeysuckle Image by Alexei from Pixabay.]

4. Porch swings, rockers, and hammocks.

If you've got a porch or a patio, you should have something that swings and/or rocks on it. There's nothing more relaxing than lazing away in a porch swing or a hammock in a cool shady spot—unless it's a rocking chair. 

There are many kinds of outdoor furniture that swings or rocks. The motion is soothing. A chaise lounge will work nearly as well especially if you have a good book on a reading device. Actually, an ebook is even better than a print book because you can turn the pages with a touch of your fingertip.

5. Visiting with neighbors.

In today's busy world, we usually don't see our neighbors since most have 2-income families unless we're all outside on a weekend day, working in the yard. It's nice to take a break and chat with the neighbors this way.

6.  Flip flops, sundresses, and cork sandals.

I do love to wear breezy sundresses like this one. I find they're cooler than tee shirts and shorts on 100+ degree days.

I never seem to find very many in the local stores, but Amazon has a great selection

I choose flip flops if I'm just hanging loose or cork sandals if I'm going somewhere. Cork sandals are the best because they make me taller. Since I'm on the petite side, I love anything that adds 3-4 inches to my height—comfortably.

7. Beach reads.

Summer is when people have more leisure time to read. Ebooks are a bargain, and Kindles, smartphones, etc. make it so easy to grab bargains and always have something great to read.

For Your Consideration

Try a hot romance for a hot summer day at the beach or anywhere else you may be. The Trouble With Love takes place at a beach resort during a hot Texas summer. Here are a couple of reviews that might inspire you. 

"A thoroughly delightful romance. The story of not one but three separate and equally lovely couples. What a merry chase this story is. I absolutely loved how it all wove together to create a satisfying and lovely romance." —Amazon Review

"If you like your heroes hot you'll love FBI agent Hogan, who's caught up in a family conundrum during his vacation. 

"Together with deputy sheriff Susannah they manage to get themselves into all sorts of trouble. 

"Sparks fly between them with both determined not to fall in love and of course failing. Lovely secondary romance as well for Susannah's mother. Lots of fun and laughs in the hot Texas sun!" —Amazon Review

Takeaway Truth

That's my list of favorite summer delights. What's yours? By the way, The Trouble With Love is a Kindle Unlimited book so you can read for free if you're a subscriber.

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