Refrigerator Organizers Work!

Last year I learned the benefit of clear, stackable refrigerator storage bins.

I meant to share this before because I found these bins really helpful, but I forgot about it until I was getting ready to order a couple more. This time to use in the pantry with small items like those little bottles of vanilla extract, etc.

When we moved, we let our refrigerator go with the house we sold. Little did we know how difficult it was to buy a new refrigerator similar to the one we had before.

Our realtor told us she had clients who were still waiting after 6 months for a new bells-and-whistles refrigerator.

Long story short, we bought a fridge that could be delivered in a few days. It had an ice maker and dispenser in the door for chilled water and ice. That was the extent of the bells-and-whistles.

Even worse, the shelves weren't fully adjustable. To make room for everything, we had to stack containers on top of each other.

I did some online shopping and found clear storage bins that helped organize each shelf of the fridge and keep like items together.

Takeaway Truth

If you have a similar problem, measure the dept of your refrigerator shelves and the height from one shelf to the one above and below. That will tell you how many bins you can fit on your shelves and still be able to stack them and to easily remove them without having to empty everything on the shelf.

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