Saturday Share: Eat to Beat Disease

Today, I'm sharing a book I think everyone should read.

Eat to Beat Disease by Dr. William W. Li is an easily understood book on how the human body works, what you eat that can actually trigger certain diseases to afflict you, and what you can eat to make sure that doesn't happen.

In fact, what you eat can help you beat the dread diseases that afflict our contemporary world. The subtitle says it all: "It's the new science of how your body can heal itself."

I think I first heard about this book and its author on a PBS program. Actually, it could have been a health video on YouTube since I watch a lot of those.

I told my Darling Hubby about it, and we ordered the book. When it comes to health information, I always buy print books. I find it's a lot easier to find something specific in a print book than an ebook.

It took us a while to get through the book because we try to read together—by reading a chapter aloud or by reading a chapter separately and not moving ahead until we've each read the same chapter.

So, we took our time, but we finally finished the book. We already eat many of the foods he earmarks as stimulating HGH and stem cell production regardless of one's age. Much of this data is also mentioned in Dr. David Sinclair's work. Sinclair is a tenured professor at Harvard, working with anti-aging research.

It's always been said that there are no magical solutions to aging and disease prevention and/or a cure, but I think this book, and Sinclair's work, may change everyone's opionion about that.

Takeaway Truth

I highly recommend Eat to Beat Disease by Dr. William W. Li if you're interested in staying healthy as long as you can and preventing the dreaded diseases of modern life.

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