Saturday Share: Best Kitchen Gadget Bought This Year

If you're a regular reader of SlingWords, you know I like to cook.

I avoid whatever may be the latest and greatest countertop appliances as well as gadgets because I have too many of both that I hardly ever use.


This handy little gadget that I bought a few months ago.

You may already have what I call a meat smasher, but in case you don't, allow me to make the case for why you need to get one.

In two words, this is my review of the item: It's fabulous! You can use it to break apart or mash anything you're cooking.

If you're trying to brown ground beef and break apart the rectangle that it usually comes in, this gadget is great for that. Takes only a few seconds to do it which is so much better than using a large cooking spoon. 

You can use it to shred cooked meat too like chicken for tacos, casseroles, or chicken salad. in just seconds, you can use it to shred a pork roast for pulled pork. You can use it to mash potatoes or other vegetables and fruits.

Yes, this is the best kitchen gadget I bought this year. Amazon has a wide selection. The Farberware meat smasher shown was only $9.99. I picked the one with 5 "blades" and a handle that looked ergonomic, and I've used it often. 

Takeaway Truth

I definitely recommend gadget if you're looking for a kitchen tool to save you time in the kitchen.

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