7 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

Happy Book Lovers Day! Yes, National Book Lovers Day was created to honor the written word and those who love it.

Whether you read printed books, ebooks, listen to audio books, or a combination of all of the above, today should be a day when you can indulge your adoration of the written word.

Where would we be without books? Although that is a rhetorical question, I'lll give you some obvious answers.

Still in caves, with no modern anything because words represent thoughts, ideas, feelings, and lead to progress, civilization, inventions, relationships.

7 Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

1. Visit a library. Yes, you probably buy most of your pleasure reading, but a library has thousands, perhaps millions, more books than you'll ever be able to afford. Make a donation if you can because libraries struggle for funding.

2. Read to children at home or as a volunteer at the library, a literacy group, etc. Start kids young so they grow up knowing the joy of reading.

3. Drop by a bookstore, the brick and mortar kind, especially a non-chain bookstore if possible. Those struggle in today's world of buying online, but those small stores are where you'll find knowledgeable readers who can suggest books you'll like because they're well-read and enthusiastic.

3a. Go to a big bookstore. Hey, I like the ambience too. *g* Get a latte, browse the books, sit on a comfy sofa with a friend and talk about books. Actually, they could probably use a sale too.

4. Review a book you've loved. Authors need reviews because it helps other readers find a book that may be under the radar. 

Just write a couple of sentences explaining what you liked about the book. Nothing fancy is needed. Just a few words from one book lover to others who may love the same book. 

If you need some help, check out my post How to Review a Book.

5. Buy a book from a new author. Most authors on Amazon struggle to find readers. I know I have a few books that readers have loved, but they languish on their cyber shelves. Give some love to a book that needs sales.

6. Read a book in a new format. Reading is reading. If you only read print, try an ebook. They enable you to carry your library with you wherever you go. An ereader device weighs a lot less than a print book. Keep the print books for home. If you read ebooks, then try a serialized novel on Kindle Vella where you can whip out your phone and read in small moments in time. If you want to read while you cook or clean house, try audio books.

7. Have a book party for your reading friends. Coffee, cake—or cocktails and canapes—and BYOB, as in Bring Your Own Book, so you can tell others about it. (Or Cocktails, canapes, and BYOB.)

To celebrate National Book Lovers Day, I'm offering Heat Lightning, Book 1 of Outlaw Ridge, Texas, a romantic suspense, free from now until Thursday, August 11, at 11:59pm PST.

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Takeaway Truth

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.” —Lloyd Alexander

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