Found an AlphaSmart 3000

Today is my lucky day.

I found an AlphaSmart 3000 on Amazon.

My Alpha Smart, purchased new in 2001 for $220.00 was what I drafted many of my books on through the years.

Since it's about the size of a binder, I carried it in my purse or tote bag so it was handy when I had wait time like at a doctor office.

I nearly cried when I realized this past January that mine no longer worked. I visited various websites to see if it was repairable, but I found it wasn't—at least not at an affordable price.

What Is An AlphaSmart?

It's a writer's best friend because of its many wonderful attributes:
  • runs 500+ hours on 3 double A batteries
  • does nothing but act as a word processor meaning no loss of focus from social media and email dinging when you're trying to write. (Yes, you could turn off all of those distractions, but how many of you actually do this?)
  • has a cable that connects to your computer so you can print out what your write
  • works for PC or Mac, no software needed. No software means no upgrades which means it works seamlessly forever until it eventually dies.
  • Has 8 Files in which you can input thousands and thousands of words. When you want to transfer what you wrote to a computer, just connect the cable, open your favorite text app like Word or Word Perfect, select the file to send, send it, and save the file to your computer.
  • Automatically saves everything you write. You can push the off button in the middle of something and when you open the AlphaSmart again, what you were working on is right there.
  • Keyboard has a great "touch" so your fingers fly across the keys
  • The small window that shows your text only shows a few lines at a time which is wonderful for writers who have the habit of editing every sentence as they're trying to draft a chapter.
  • it's lightweight and you can carry it anywhere
  • you can use it outside, inside, or riding in a car
Best of all, the AlphaSmart I purchased today was only $66.00 plus sales tax. Previously, I found an AlphaSmart 3000 on Amazon, but I procrastinated, and someone else snapped it up.

If you're looking for an easy way to train yourself to write to the end BEFORE editing, get an AlphaSmart. Check Amazon and eBay and do a Google search. 

Takeaway Truth

I'll have it in my happy little hands on Friday. It's Amazon fulfillment with free returns so if it's not as good as the vendor stated in the product description, I can return it. But, oh, I hope it's as wonderful as I expect. I'll give you a full report after I've checked it out.

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