Choices Determine A Happily Ever After

The choices one makes determines the future including a Happily-Ever-After life.

That's true for our lives and for characters in a novel. We all want to live happily ever after, don't we? 

That's the thene of  Second Chance Bride, Book 2 of All Brides Are Beautiful, which is on sale now for only 99¢. Sale ends 09/06/2022, at 11:59pm CDT. Get your copy today!

About Second Chance Bride

Second Chance Bride stars Constance Quinn, the wicked stepmother from the first book.

 One reviewer who loved the first book [April Fool Bride] said, "I wasn't even going to read this after meeting Constance (aka wicked stepmother) in book 1. But am glad I did!! Second chance at love well done!"

I'm happy to report she gave Second Chance Bride 5 stars! I hope I get the change to write Defiant Bride, the proposed third book in this series, sometime before the end of the year.


Life is full of choices. Come to a fork in the road, and go left. Life ends up one way. Turn right, and life ends up a different way.

Sometimes, if you've made the wrong choice, you may end up hating the life you're living, but you're trapped by the choice you make. That's what happened to Constance Quinn, the heroine of Second Chance Bride.

When she was plain old Connie rather than the elegant sounding Constance, she took a fork in the road, and she's lived with regret ever since.

Now, she has every material thing she wanted, but she has none of what she needs—Love.

Unfortunately, knowing what you need doesn't mean you get it. Constance realizes that when she falls in love with Alex Martinez.

He's the only man she wants—but the one man she can never have. She has secrets and is terrified that Alex may find out what she's hiding.

How To Find Your Own Happily Ever After

Romance novels teach readers that happily ever after doesn't just fall into your lap. Like most worthwhile things in life, it must be earned.

You earn it by opening yourself to someone else—letting them see all of you, the public face and the person inside. Your assets and your negatives—triumphs and failures. You earn it by loving someone enough to want what's best for them, by overcoming challenges and conflicts. Sometimes you earn it by sacrifice.

Last, but certainly not least, you earn it by grabbing hold of a second chance if one comes your way. Constance does all of these things—especially this last one.

Takeaway Truth

I hope you'll grab a copy of Second Chance Bride while it's on sale. I think you'll really enjoy this novel of passion, romance, and second chances.

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