Review: Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs, Controlling Garden Pests Organically

If you're like me, and a lot of other people on the planet, you're concerned about using chemical pesticides and herbicides in your yard.

Last year when I was pulling some books out of my home library to donate, I came across one I hadn't read in years. What a timely coincidence it was since I'd grown very concerned about using chemicals.

Bugs, Slugs & Other Thugs: Controlling Garden Pests Organically by Rhonda Massingham Hart was the answer to my quest to avoid chemicals in the garden.

Published in 1992, 4th printing, by Storey Communications, Inc., I hadn't recommended it before because I didn't think it was available anywhere. To my surprise, I found it listed on Amazon.

I suspect you might be able to find it in used book stores if you're persistent.

The book is 213 pages of how to deal with birds, rodents, bigger wildlife, domestic pets who roam the neighborhood, and the aforementioned bugs, slugs, and other creepy crawlies that like to gnaw on your garden plants. There are also chapters to teach you how to attract beneficial insects and animals too.

Takeaway Truth

Educate yourself about the natural way to garden and control pests. Your health—and that of others—may depend on it.

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