Fredericksburg, Wine & Austin Singer Bruce Smith

I haven't had a chance to report on my wine (writing research) journey through Fredericksburg, Texas.

In one word? Fantastic.

We tasted "sunshine in a glass" at several wineries in the scenic hills of Fredericksburg.

We ended our first day at Pedernales Cellars. After the tasting, we decided to sit on the patio beneath the shade of a large live oak tree.

We lucked out. Bruce Smith of Austin was entertaining that afternoon. Because of his music, he earned four new fans. You can find him on YouTube. Here's a video of 30 Days, one of the songs on his latest CD, 'Til the Wheels Fall Off.

We're always very appreciative of musicians and singers—especially those who write their own lyrics and music. We thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu concert and applauded loudly.

When he finished his set, he came over to us and gave me a copy of his latest CD, 'Til the Wheels Fall Off. Once we were in the car headed to the hotel, I ripped open the CD and put it in the player.

Thanks again, Bruce! We've really enjoyed it.

You can buy the track for 30 Days, or the entire album on the website.

Takeaway Truth

If you're looking for a new country singer with a bluesy vibe, take a look at this Austin singer, Bruce Smith.

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