Independence Day: Heroes

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As a romance author, I think about heroes a lot because each romance novel calls for one.

Everyone has heroes. Sometimes they're as superficial as the latest hip hop sensation or sports star.

Other times, they really are men and women who have done something generally considered heroic.

Defining a Hero

Is he the muscular guy in the picture to the left? Tall, hunky, and ripped? Does that make him a hero? Does the ability to make money and general charisma make someone a hero? Not in my opinion.

Popularity, personality, and skill in a demanding field just make an admirable person. Maybe it makes someone a potential hero, but it takes more than a pretty face, good body, and charm to be a hero--in a romance novel or in real life.

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Real Heroes Are Generous

A real hero—male or female—gives unselfishly to help others. Helping takes many paths and includes many activities.

From protecting those in harm's way to helping friends and family who need assistance in some way to helping total strangers, that' what heroes do.

Any of us can volunteer to help those in need even if it's just collecting blankets in winter for the homeless or donating to food pantries.

Most people don't think about the heroes in their own family, but I think you should look no farther than your own family to find heroes. Think of your parents who worked hard to give you a better life. They're heroes. Far better to idolize them than some pop artist or bad boy football star.

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Real heroes give. They sacrifice—often for strangers. Sometimes, in battle, that sacrifice is the ultimate one that claims a soldier's life.

Soldiers who protect and serve that we might have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are heroes.

National cemeteries are full of these heroes who have given their lives in every war and conflict.

Real heroes? Military, fire fighters, police officers, ambulance crews, emergency room doctors, relief organization volunteers , and other first responders.

Doctors and Nurses who volunteer for Doctors Without Borders and in free clinics are real heroes. So are dentists do the same, providing care for the poorest of people who have little access to quality care.

Volunteers who who work in poor villages and countries to bring people the basic necessities that we take for granted like clean water—they're heroes. Every year people volunteer to dig water wells in places where the nearest water source might be a creek or a river miles away. (The number of places in the world that lack the things we take for granted like clean water, septic systems, etc. is shocking.)

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Real Life Heroes Inspire Fictional Heroes

If you read romance, you know how popular the military and law enforcement heroes are.

I had a former soldier in Old Enough to Know Better, April Fool Bride, and Heat Lightning because my family has had a lot of soldiers.

My dad was part of D-Day when he was a very young man.

Is a romance novel hero vastly different from a real life hero?

Maybe the romance hero is a little better looking and has six-pack abs rather than love handles, but the qualities of protectiveness and unselfishness are modeled after those of real life heroes.

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No matter what kind of a hero you like best in romance novels, offer respect for those in real life, starting with your parents.

Support the troops wherever they may be. They don't make policy. Always remember that. They're just the ones thrown into the line of fire.

Takeaway Truth

Have a wonderful—safe—Independence Day!

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