Oh, My Aching Back

Image by Wolfgang Claussen - Pixabay
I have not blogged since July 23. OMG! Did you wonder if I died?

Well, I didn't, but I have felt incredibly bad. My long car trip killed my already aching back.

I've visited my friendly chiropractor who took lovely x-rays of my spine. You know how it's supposed to be lined up one vertebra after the other?

Well, mine isn't. I have 3 areas with 2 vertebra misaligned, that would be cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas.

My back problems were caused by injuries sustained in an accident in November of 2017. I didn't get treated at the time. Now, I'm forced to take a month off to do so.

I'm instructed to stay away from the computer. As if that were possible. So I bargained with my husband about it. I said I would limit my time to 30 minutes on and then hours off.

Oops. I have already done more than that, and I can feel the strain.

Darling Hubby is trying to get my Dragon dictation software to work after a Windows update a while back killed it. If not, I'll use the Windows Voice Recognition software once I've read the 16 pages of instructions. Sheesh!

I'll give you a report tomorrow if I can sneak to the computer.

Takeaway Truth

I'm always telling people to take care of themselves. I guess it's a case of, "Do as I say; not as I do."

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