Is Age Just a Number?

I heard someone bemoaning their recent birthday. I don't understand that. I guess they're bemoaning the number that gets bigger every year, not the year of living.

Why do people do that? I think one reason is the youth-centric culture that has developed in this country. There are just so many negatives about middle age and old age.

My grandfather lived to be 100. Once he was at the doctor's office. The doctor asked how he was doing. My grandfather replied, "I guess I'm okay, but I'm so old."

The doctor laughed and said, "Just remember when you get up in the morning, if you can look down at the grass instead up at it, that's a mighty good thing."

Where's the Respect?

Other countries, the elders are revered. The respect and reverence for "old" people still exists in rural and small town America. Maybe that's why I like the people there.

The one thing I do know is if we "buy in" to the negatives of aging, we should also "buy in" to the positives. We who are over 30, 40, 50, or whatever the number, contain the wisdom of all the bad experiences we have created, survived, and learned from.

We've gained knowledge and wisdom from living and maintaining relationships. If we screwed up relationships, then we've learned from that too.

Happiness: A State of Mind
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Happiness derives not from big money, the car you drive, the massive flat-screen TV in the den, or any material thing. Happiness comes from living successfully.

Living successfully means taking what life dishes out and surviving and flourishing, treating people with respect and kindness, learning from trial and error living until you get smart enough not to repeat mistakes, developing a happiness attitude, and maintaining enthusiasm for life.

My grandfather was the most relentlessly cheerful and optimistic person I've ever known. I'm constantly trying to emulate his attitude and how he lived his life.

Takeaway Truth

How am I doing? I'm looking down at the grass instead of looking up at it so I'm okay, and it's going to be a good day.

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