Review: My Favorite Planner

Today, I'm reviewing something a bit different: my favorite day planner.

In this case, my favorite planner for organizing my writing and my personal lives is The AT-A-GLANCE Triple View Daily/Monthly Appointment Book. Here's the long official name of this item which I now buy from Amazon because it's cheaper than the office supply stores: AT-A-GLANCE Triple View Daily/Monthly Appointment Book, 6 x 9 Inches, Black, 2013 (70-206V-05).

Why I Like This Planner

I've used a lot of different planners and organizers, and I have all the stylish binders tucked away in my supply closet to prove the truth of that statement. However, once I found this triple view planner, and tried it, I was sold on its usefulness. I've never used another product since.

This planner has pages that measure 6 7/8-Inch x 8 3/4-Inch. That makes it big enough to lay flat on my desktop but small enough to tuck it in my purse, laptop case, or messenger bag.

This planner allows you to see a daily page plus your To Do list, your monthly agenda, and a Monthly Overview too.

The Format is January to December, and the tabbed design makes it easy to see every important task at a glance, just as the name implies.

On the left is your permanent monthly To Do list. Next to that is the cutaway left and right pages for today and tomorrow. On the right cutaway page, you see the current month list, with each day listed so you can jot important reminders for each day and see the entire month at a glance, and don't forget the monthly calendar overview.

Takeaway Truth

If your life is crazy busy, get organized. This planner will help.

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