Clean Up Your PC with CCleaner

Good morning! It's Monday -- stating the obvious -- so it must be time to tell you about a free app that will make your life easier.


Piriform is the creator of CCleaner, the world's most popular tool for cleaning your PC. Piriform makes this statement because CCleaner has been downloaded over 950 million times! This free software will clean out your registry, keep your privacy safe online, and make your computer faster and more secure.

You can get the basic software free. If you want support from Piriform, pay for the upgrade.

If you like CCleaner, then you'll also like their other free apps:

Defraggler, their defrag software

Recuva, their File Recovery tool,


Speccy, their System Information tool.

Takeaway Truth

I love free software that works effectively and easily. I've used CCleaner for years on every computer. I recommend it.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great program. It used to be called Crap Cleaner, and it did exactly that.

    A friend of mine who writes computer programs recommended it to me. Since then, I use it every few months. Works like a charm.