12 Thankful Authors

T'is the season to give thanks. So, dear Readers and Writers, here's an even dozen of your favorite authors who want to tell you what they are thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

(If you want some holiday reading, these books are perfect.)

E. Ayers, author of A Love Song in Wyoming (Creeds Crossing), is grateful this Thanksgiving for all the wonderful friends she has who have stood by her in difficult times and shared her joys in the good times.

Juli D. Revezzo, author of The Artist's Inheritance (Antique Magic), is grateful this Thanksgiving for all my friends, family, and readers who've bolstered me up this year.

Stephanie Queen, author of The Throwbacks (The Scotland Yard Exchange Program), is grateful this Thanksgiving for living the life of a novelist after all these years of dreaming about it.

Donna Fasano, author of Her Fake Romance, is grateful this Thanksgiving for family, friends, and the awesome life she's been blessed with.

Nancy Goldberg Levine, author of Mr. Short, Dark...& Funny (Practically Perfect Heroes), is grateful this Thanksgiving to be alive and for my new kitten, Jay Galloway III.

Elaine Raco Chase, author of Double Occupancy, is grateful for the support of a wonderful family and extended family of friends, who are there no matter what.

Dana Taylor, author of Ain't Love Grand?, is grateful this Thanksgiving for the Healing Power of Gratitude and Humor.

Christie Craig, New York Times Bestselling novelist and author of Love, Laughter and a Little Murder: 3 Novels by Christie Craig, a book set of three humorous romances, is grateful this Thanksgiving for her family’s ability to laugh their way through life’s hurdles -- because if you can laugh at it, you can live with it.

J.D. Faver, author of BAD VIBES: The Edge of Texas ~Book 3 (Romantic Thriller), is grateful this Thanksgiving for the health and well-being of her children and grandchildren, especially that her son had no major damage to his home in Freeport, NY, during Hurricane Sandy.

Janelle Taylor, NY Times Bestselling novelist and author of Necessary Evil, is grateful this Thanksgiving for family, friends, health, god, our country and my career.

Cynthia Wicklund, author of the The Garden Series Box Set, is grateful this Thanksgiving for the Indie writers who have transformed the publishing landscape. What a thrill to be part of it!

I'll take the last slot here because I'm going to be long-winded. Joan Reeves -- that's me -- author of the Christmas Romance Nobody's Cinderella (Book 1 of San Antone Two-Step), is, of course, thankful for her writing career and for all who have helped her get to where she is today in the writing and publishing business.

Stepping Away From 3rd Person

I want to say how particularly thankful I am for a year without surgeries, for having the good fortune to be married to the most wonderful man in the world, and for being blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

Takeaway Truth

May today be just a fraction of the bountiful blessings headed your way.


  1. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Joan!

  2. Hi, Juli,

    Thank you, I had a wonderful day. Ate too much, stayed up too late, got home late. All in all, a great 2 days.

    Hope yours was lovely too.