Daylight Shifting Time

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Yep. That's today. Did you remember to fall back and indulged in that extra hour of sleep? Yeah, right.

Time may shift around according to government edict, but time is never saved. Andy Rooney spoke for many when he said, "Daylight Savings time doesn’t save #*&%. All it does is screw the clock up and piss me off, but it’s either do it or be early for everything."

I think about some elderly family who have long since passed, and I begin to believe they had the right idea about Daylight Savings Time. Gundaddy Lofton, Big Daddy Sims, and my Papaw never changed their clocks or watches. They always said they'd be correct for half the year. Many people of his generation, most of them country people who lived close to the land, had the same attitude.

The older I get, and the more oppressed I get by too many tasks and not enough time, the more I think they had the right attitude. I doubt any of them ever thought or said, "I'm so stressed out."

Takeaway Truth

Spring forward? Fall back? Maybe just maintain your temporal balance and enjoy life more.

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