Plan Black Friday In Advance

The Christmas retail season begins earlier and earlier every year. By the beginning of October, I saw holiday decorations in several stores. That just seems to smack of economic desperation, doesn't it? Soon enough, all the retailers kick off their Christmas sales.

My Version of Black Friday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the next day officially begins the Christmas shopping season. I guess I'm different from most people because you couldn't pay me enough to hit a mall on Black Friday. It's not that I hate shopping. It's just that I prefer my own brand of Black Friday -- watching Christmas movies on TV, making my first batch of pralines and Texas Trash to send the kids, and curling up with a Christmas romance.

Lazy Friday

I'll probably let my fingers do some shopping online. I find I buy more online with every month that passes. Other than that, I'm going to settle in front of the TV with my Kindle beside me. Anyone who stops by for a break from the crazy shopping will be offered some homemade dark chocolate pecan bonbons like my mom used to make and a cup of espresso.

That's Black Friday at its finest. Excuse me while I go check out the Christmas movies scheduled for Friday.

Takeaway Truth

However you choose to spend Black Friday, have fun.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. We spend the Friday after Thanksgiving going to the movies. It's been a tradition for us since 1988. Can't break it now!

  2. Hey, we do that too! In fact, a good movie is the only thing that gets me out of the house on Black Friday.