Holiday Bells Toll For Slackers

Yep, those Christmas bells are tolling for slackers like me. I'm always late getting everything started and everything finished. From Thanksgiving to New Year's, it's a flat-out race to accomplish everything. I've been known to mail Christmas cards on New Year's Eve.

So. . .

This year I thought I'd get an early start, but, apparently all the retailers are beating me to it. Christmas trees are already decorated and in many stores. Gift suggestions are already being blasted from television.

Is it me or is that just a little too much?  I feel like an absolute Grinch when I grumble that I wish they'd move Thanksgiving to October. That would give us a break and some breathing room. Hey, if it's good enough for Canada, then it's good enough for me.

But. . .

No one's going to listen to me. I can either jump on board now or get run over by Santa's sleigh. Today, I just put Alvin & The Chipmunks on singing Christmas Don't Be Late and did some early online shopping.

I always do weekly posts during the holidays with gift suggestions for writers and readers. Today though, I'm going to post a few things that I found today.

Here's a great Pumpkin Ring Cake recipe.

Fabulous Christmas Music Only $5 Bucks. Yep. That's true. Kiddie music to Josh Groban. Get it today.

In fact, I'm feeling so efficient, I just ordered my 2013 planner -- AT-A-GLANCE Triple View Daily/Monthly Appointment Book. This is my favorite format, and I use the same one every year.

Takeaway Truth

Now, I feel so smug after taking the first steps into the holidays that I think I'll celebrate with a Butterfinger Snack Bar leftover from Halloween Trick or Treat.

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