Review: Lovers in Training by Alicia Street

Have you ever had so many ebooks on your Kindle that you forget some of them until you start cleaning out your Kindle?

I hate to confess that's me. I buy so many ebooks and get free ones too, and I don't have enough time to read all of them. Sometimes, I think I've read a book, but I haven't.

That happened recently when I thought I'd read Lovers in Training by Alicia Street, but it wasn't marked read on my Kindle.

So I opened the book to read the first page, knowing I'd remember the book if I'd read it.

Guess what? I had not read it. Also, after reading the first couple of pages, I couldn't stop. I was sitting at the hospital, keeping my sister-in-law company. As she slept, I read. Over the next couple of days, I escaped into the story as time provided. Lovers in Training is a wonderful romance.

Well-plotted, great characters, believable motivations and conflicts, the story kept me interested and made me root for Shannon Rocklyn, the heroine, as she earned her happily ever after.

When Shannon was a teen, she vowed to never let a man hurt her the way her father had hurt her mother. She's grown up to be a woman who never gives away her heart. When she meets  Tate Kruger, instant attraction arises between the two.

He's as obstinate as she, and he refuses to let something good slip through his fingers. He has the means to get Shannon assigned as his private fitness trainer. Shannon is determined to keep it strictly business, but she hadn't counted on liking him so much.

Does she like him enough to risk a relationship with a client?

My 2¢

You know Shannon's going to take a chance because the heart wants what the heart wants. How it works out, and how her charcter grows to the realization that not everything was the way she remembered is believable and heartwarming.

Takeaway Truth

Lovers in Training is on Kindle Unlimited, but it's only 99¢. Buy it and keep it forever because I think you'll want to read it again. You'll probably want to read the other 3 books in the series too.

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