Make Things Happen: Blog Topics, Tie-Ins

Welcome to Make Things Happen Monday!

Do you have difficulty thinking of something to blog about?


Create a resource file of ready-made ideas. Here's an idea to get you started: Ties by Month. I gave parts of this a couple of years ago.

Here's the complete list. Feel free to copy/paste it.  When stumped, fall back on lists like this to get you started. 

Tie-Ins by Month

January Topics

New Year's Day
of self—physical, mental, intellecutal, financial, emotional
of home environment
of relationships
of parenting
of future fun like vacations and travel.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day including African American history, civil rights, peace and freedom.

February Topics

Valentine’s Day and all that it represents.
Major League Baseball spring training
Super bowl
Winter's last hurrah

March Topics

International Women’s Day
all about women: women’s health, career challenges, freedom from exploitation, etc.
Easter when it occurs in March along with inspirational relevant topics
St. Patrick's Day
Spring arrives

April Topics

Easter as above if it occurs in April
Holocaust Remembrance with articles about history and heroism in WW2 and new information about that war

May Topics

Cinque de Mayo
Hispanic-American culture and history including books and movies
Mother’s Day and everything to do with motherhood and/or women's relationships and choices
Memorial Day in the U.S.
Vacation and travel 

June Topics

Summer arrives
Weddings etc.
Love, attraction, relationships
Planning for the future
School is out

July Topics

Independence Day in the U.S.
Beach and beach books

August Topics

Summer's last hurrah in terms of beach, vacations, travel, back to the grind
Back to school

September Topics

Labor Day in the U.S.
Anniversary of September 11th—inspiration, politics, history, memoirs, remembrances, changes in the country and the world
Beginning college—including coping with the college environment, roommates, away from home, class demands, emotions, etc. for parents as well as students
Autumn arrives

October Topics

Halloween theme
Horror in books and moviesHalloween: Horror movie tie-in books and new titles in costume, art, graphic novel and other fiction
Thanksgiving in Canada

November Topics

Thanksgiving in the U.S.
Topics of gratitude, history, inspiration, family gathering
Food and drink
Black Friday shopping

December Topics

Winter arrives
Christmas—traditions, religious aspect, gifts, emotions, relationships, family
Boxing Day
Food and drink
Family gathering
New Year's Eve

Takeaway Truth

Ready-made ideas ignite your imagination. You may not use the exact idea, but it will lead you to something else that clicks with you.

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