Google Go Round

Agh!!!! I've spent most of today trying to migrate elements of one Google Account to another Google Account.

I've had my blog since 2005. Google bought Blogger in the interim years. I always kept my same email login which was not a Gmail account.

A couple of years ago I had to start a gmail account in order to access Google Drive components. Immediately, my email login was switched to the gmail addy for login. That began my problems. Even though directions say it's easy to use any email to login, that is simply not true. It defaults to the gmail every single time.

Now I've got files, passwords, apps saved in both Google accounts, and it's not easy switching back and forth when you get Smart TVs added to the mix.

New Year Resolution

I decided to bite the bullet and close out the other gmail accounts, keep one I set up using my name with an added word (someone had already taken my name!), and migrate everything to the single Google persona.

So much easier said than done. I wasted precious writing time today trying to answer important emails sent to one of the gmail accounts, but my answers kept getting rejected because the "wrong" gmail addy was sending them even though I'd changed the default setting which somehow kept changing back.

Takeaway Truth

I decided I wanted to abandon the internet, email, and everything associated with that world and take a hammer to my computer. Fortunately, I had a cup of tea, a few minutes of meditation, and thought better of that solution.

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