Thanksgiving Thoughts to Chew On

There's a lot of controversy about Thanksgiving, a holiday about which most of us have fond memories of the now-maligned holiday.

When I think about Thanksgiving, I don't think about the controversy. I think about moms and grandmoms—and a few dads and granddads— who start cooking days before the family descends en masse.

I think about dads, sons, daughters, moms, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who play a game of touch football or Scrabble or card games. I think about the whole family watching a college or pro-football game, screaming for their team.

I think about the best of humanity and the ideals for which people should strive. Thanksgiving may have been founded on myth, but the ideal on which it was based and that we all gerw up believing in is something good.

Takeaway Truth

This is not colonial America. This is today. Isn't it time we all learned how to accept each other? How to get along? How to grow together in respect and friendship?

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