Why Websites Don't Work

If you do a search for your name or your blog name, you want it to come up on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It should at least appear within the first 2 pages. If you've only had a site up for a couple of months, it might be understandable that it takes 4-5 pages for it to list.

If it's been up longer than two months and it takes more than 4-5 pages to find it, then something about your website/blog isn't working. You need an overhaul because you're not making the most of your Internet Presence.

As most of you know, I do website consulting when I wear my freelance hat. I offer a lot of blog posts free here and on my other blog under the label Internet Presence so you can read those if you want to see what I've previously posted on the topic.

Value Of Free

Recently, I offered some free advice to someone as to why they weren't getting the blog traffic they wanted. I told them what needed to be changed. Their reply wasn't a thank you but a response that seemed a bit huffy about how useless my advice was because it was too general.

I didn't bother replying. I moved on down the road because time is money. If they think the list of things that needed correction was general, then that meant they didn't know enough about the various elements. They needed educating, or they wanted chapter and verse about how they needed to change the items. For free apparently.

Educate Thyself

I'm a firm believer in education. If I need to learn something, then I invest the time. No one spoon fed me that which I now know about making the most of your Internet Presence. I use what I learned in my freelance business. Sure, I'll offer advice when I have the time, but the burden of education and knowing how to change an element then implementing those changes belongs to the website owner. (I'd call that person the client except they're not paying me.)

I gave them this free information after looking at their site so I decided to summarize it for you too in case your site isn't working for you. Here are the elements that need to be analyzed and addressed.

Keywords and SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of using keywords to enable your site to rank high in SERPs. What are your keywords? Have you used the words a searcher would enter in a Search box? Are those keywords in the first paragraph of each page of your site? Are they sprinkled throughout the rest of the page in an organic manner?


Did you make the mistake of using a Flash doorway? Looks pretty, but web crawlers do not index those doorway pages so you lose the opportunity to gain valuable rank.

Text Content

Have you got text that is formatted for Internet writing? Is it a font that's preferred for Internet reading? Is it of sufficient interest, germane to the theme of your website, and keyword rich?


Is the template or design of your site pleasing in appearance? Have you committed the Internet sin of using black background/white text or worse brightly colored text? Have you changed fonts too many times? (If more than 2 fonts are used, one for headline and one for body, then that's probably too many.)

Graphic Images

Do you have appropriately-sized, pleasing graphic images to illustrate your text?

Takeaway Truth

When you ask someone for free advice, and you receive same, say thank you even if you think he or she is an idiot. If you don't understand how to implement the advice, do some research about each of the things mentioned. You might be surprised how the advice then makes sense.


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  2. If you think someone is an idiot, why would you ask for free advice?

    Oh, because it's me, and the idiot is my older sister? Yeah, I guess that indicates that idiocy runs in the family.

    But in any case, if you ask someone for something, and they give it to you for free, saying "Thank you!" is good manners. One really doesn't exhibit good manners for other people; one does it for oneself, to maintain the illusion that we're not a total waste of oxygen. (Every breath we exhale contains greenhouse gas. If ever there was an excuse to avoid aerobic exercise, that's it.)

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Advisory to Readers: templates promoted by John are not free, but they are nice. Many free ones available though so shop around if you can pay for a template.

    Harl Delos, sounds as if you have an interesting family! *g*

  4. Gee, Joan, I thought *everyone* was born into an interesting family. But I have to admit, I deliberately *married* interesting.

    I've seen lots of signs that say "love don't last but cooking do". One thing for sure, boredom will destroy a marriage. I'll never have to face divorce. A murder trial, perhaps, and I'm not sure if I will be the defendant or the victim, but not divorce.

    For "interesting", I get on my knees and thank God, on a regular basis. In fact, as often as I ask for strength....