Gift To My Followers

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, but especially to those who have signed on as my followers. I'd like to introduce these people who have such extraordinary good taste to like my words.

My Gift To Followers

Sorry to sound so Sally Field, but: "You like me! You really like me!" And I like you. I have a Valentine's gift for you: Email me joan @ joanreeves dot com if you want to accept the gift. In the subject box put: Accepting Valentine Gift.

The gift is: I will read and critique up to 10 pages of your current work in progress whether that's 10 pages of a novel or nonfiction book, a short story, a poem, or an article. So email me and I'll give you instructions on how to send your material to me. The gift expires on Feb. 28, 2009.

For the rest of you, please visit their blogs. They always appear on a blogroll on the right side of this blog.


You Should Know

My Fat Ass Is Growin


My Journal Blog

Amy Laurens aka Inkbot

Ink Fever

Tom Sawyer

No blog yet.

Peace Keeper in a Chaotic World

Peace Keeper in a Chaotic World

Cathy Bryant

Word Vessel

B. A. Boucher

Defcon Whiskey

Eat Ninjas, Shit Pirates

Like the song written by Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers, and Jackie Deshannon says: "Think of your fellow man. Lend him a helping hand. Put a little love in your heart."

Takeaway Truth

Thanks for following Sling Words. Happy Valentine's Day.

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