Website Update Highlights: Feb. 2009

I've been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to tell you what's new on my website. This month we celebrate LOVE. Yes, love in capital letters, the bravest emotion of all.

The Pleasure of Reading

An Interview with best-selling author Annette Blair. You'll love what she has to say about her books and her writing life.

The Joy of Writing

I gave a lot of thought into this month's feature article: Why Book Publishing Changes.


My website subscription newsletter has a few of my thoughts on Love and Romance. In the entertainment section, you'll find one of those web floaters that will make you laugh. That will put you in a good mood for Valentine's.

The Archives

An article usually appears on its originating page for two months. After that it's moved to The Archives. All the 2006 articles have been removed entirely, as I warned.

Work In Progress

An Unscientific Way to Make a Decision is Opus 2 of 12 for 2009, a no-brainer decision-making process for the indecisive.

Previously Published

The entire series on how to use your retained and reverted rights has been moved to The Archives. The cover for Say Yes, my most recent large print edition, is shown. The book is an example of my following my own advice on marketing rights.

Written Wisdom

February's theme is Love. Look for quotations from Ninon De Lenclos, Marlene Dietrich, Nikki Giovanni, Lorraine Hansberry, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Mother Teresa, and Anzia Yezierska, .

(By the way, if any of you out there have websites or blogs and would like to exchange links, just let me know. (I reserve the right to respectfully decline to exchange links.) Send me an email at joan @ with REAL LIVE PERSON - LINK EXCHANGE in the subject box.)

Takeaway Truth

Every month you'll find entertaining and education articles on the art, craft, and business of writing on The Website of Joan Reeves.

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