Snap! You're The Bomb

If you've wondered if you can really get paid to blog, the answer is yes. Snapbomb is an expert at buzz marketing, and they pay bloggers to do what comes naturally. What's buzz marketing? It's the word of mouth advertising that's more effective than any number of television commercials.


Every time I hear Snapbomb, I think of one of my fave TV shows, House. Curmudgeonly Dr. House is prone to saying, "Oh, snap!" I think I've heard him say, "It's the bomb." You put the two together, and you get Snapbomb, a process so easy that it's a snap, and so cool, it's the bomb.

Articulate Bloggers

Snapbomb utilizes talented bloggers in their Buzz Marketing. It's like a friend telling you, over a cup of coffee, about a great new book, or product, or website they've discovered. The only difference is that the friend is an online blogger who shares the information.

New World

In today's world, good bloggers not only share information but also they entertain. Most people once read the newspaper with their morning coffee. Now, they take their cup of java to the computer and click on their favorite blog.

Simple Process

Want to write for Snapbomb? The process is easy. Just register. Snapbomb will assess your blog and set a value for it. Once you're approved, login. Find an opportunity, write a blog post about it, and get paid via your PayPal account.

Takeaway Truth

Few things in life are as easy as getting paid to blog.

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