Cover Art Contest Winners

One of my RWA chapters, Houston Bay Area RWA, hosts the annual Judge A Book By Its Cover contest (JABBIC). This contest recognizes excellence in covers of romance genre books published each year. The judges are booksellers from around the world.

Winners for 2008 were announced recently. The first place winners of all six categories are featured in a full-page color ad on the inside front cover of the April edition of Romance Writers Report. You can see all the finalists and winners at the Houston Bay Area RWA website.

2008 Winners

Contemporary Series Romance: Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir by Paula Roe

Romantic Suspense: Stolen Fury by Elisabeth Naughton

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance: The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Single Title/Mainstream Romance: Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig

Historical Romance: A Knight Well Spent by Jackie Ivie

Sexiest Cover: Lyon, The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber

This is the only contest of its kind. Bookmark Houston Bay Area RWA and check for the 2009 contest details to be posted in the fall for the 2009 contest.

Takeaway Truth

Everyone complains about romance novel book covers so it's nice to see an event that honors the best of that genre's cover art.


  1. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for posting this information! Great covers. Some really beautiful art.

  2. This is a fun contest, and a well deserved pat on the back for the various art departments, who work so hard on packaging our books to get them in the right hands. Thanks for sharing! Love this blog!

  3. thanks for posting my winning book up, Joan! It's a gorgeous cover and I can't stop looking at it :) Harlequin's Art Department really outdid themselves with all the Diamonds Down Under covers.

  4. Hey, Colleen, thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. You love my blog? Well, you know I love your books! Guess we have a mutual admiration society.

    Hi, Paula! You're right. Harlequin's Art dept.

    Hello, Anon. It was my pleasure to post about this. I think contemporary art is well represented by some of today's book covers. Hmmm. I may propose that idea to my daughter who's getting her master's in art. Interesting idea.