Who Writes Burn Notice?

When I watch TV or movies, I'm always searching for the writing credits. Usually, it's given in the beginning. I guess it's a writer-thing because most people are interested in who the actors or, maybe the director.

Sure, I like to know that too, but what interests me most is who wrote the feature or TV show. Sometimes, it's hard to find that writing credit as if it's not important enough to be prominently featured. That makes me crazy.

I thought it might be cool to talk about some of these immensely talented writers. Ah, the ancestor of every action is a thought, isn't it?

Matthew E. Nix

That's Matt Nix to you Burn Notice fans. He's the creator of this fabulous USA Network series, and he's the exec producer and writer. If you aren't a fan of this show, why not?

Though Burn Notice was his first venture into television, he, of course, is now developing another pilot project with USA and Fox Television Studios.

Mr. Nix, a feature writer since 1997, wrote scripts for Warner Brothers, Columbia, Paramount, Universal, and New Line as well as some indies. Perhaps it's his work in many genres - drama, thriller, comedy (light and dark) and children's films - that has helped him create a series with so many of those elements.

Of course, since Burn Notice has been such a huge hit, he's now got plenty of juice. He's got several feature projects in active development including a summer action flick for Warner Brothers as well as a workplace comedy, and a children's book adaptation for Paramount/ Nickelodeon Films.

This guy does it all. He's also an acclaimed director of short films. His work's been featured on SCI FI, FX Movies Channel, PBS, and in numerous film festivals world-wide.

Takeaway Truth

Good writing, regardless of the medium, leaves me breathless - and inspired.


  1. Matt Nix is my hero. "Burn Notice" is a gripping mix of reality and fantasy.

  2. I don't watch a ton of TV, but I will have to check it out...

    I think I pay attention to the writers of animated shows that I like more. Weirdly, I barely pay attention to most live action shows unless I adore an episode so much I go look up who wrote it. :)

    When I read author bios sometimes and see they wrote scripts for some shows I've seen, I'm quite entertained. "Cool, I didn't know that... yay, an excuse to pull out my DVDs and watch something again." O:)


  3. Hey, Merc! Do yourself a favor, watch Burn Notice. Great study in pacing and characterization.

    Hi, Lara Z. Thanks for visiting.