Computers Cause Insanity

Yes, folks, you heard it here first. Computers cause insanity. At least they do when they malfunction!

Redundancy Failure

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had come home to find my external hard drive had failed. I had other backups for the files though some weren't as current as the complete backup on the external HD. So that's a problem for some files. The real problems though began showing up the next day when I sat down at the old PC.

Apparently, an application I had loaded on the external drive (evil Adobe suite) had commandeered certain basic functions that are embedded in the C drive's root directory. I'll make this long story short. I can no longer get my computer to execute the cut and paste function, Windows Installer is screwed, and the download file function is compromised also.

Edit Registry? Who Me?

I finally identified 3 lines of code that refer to the defunct external HD. I've spent three solid days searching through thousands of lines of code in order to edit them and remove the old drive designation.

Everything is at a standstill until I either get the registry edited or I climb on top of the roof and drop this sucker onto the driveway below. Okay, there is a third option - get professional geek help - but that wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as smashing it to smithereens.

Printer Rant

While I'm at it, I may drop this Kodak printer. (Warning: Don't be suckered into purchasing one by all the TV advertisements about how economical they are to use. I bought two for the office. One is headed to the dumpster already. Less than a year old, and the print head has been replaced twice and needs replacing again.) But the Kodak printers are a rant for another day when I want to take a stand against a great social evil: printer software which is known to induce homicidal instincts in the gentlest of persons.

Takeaway Truth

I can't Sling Words until regedit corrects my problems.


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  2. Amen on printer software!

    *sets computer malfunctions on fire* Ugh, what a mess. Hope you get it fixed soon. I can imagine what a headache that is.

    *offers technical support cookies* :P

  3. Thompson, that's interesting even though it's a commercial, but I'll let it stand.

    Hi, Merc! Got my problems solved except for one so I'm up and running. I fear the one problem is unsolvable.