Random Friday Facts No. 1

Enjoy this selection of Random Friday Facts.

Categorized, they are facts from: American History, Food, Religiion, Weapons, Environmental, Health, WW1 Fact, Phobia, and Cats.

1. The Statue of Liberty is not actually in New York. It's actually in Jersey City, New Jersey.

2. Two of the most popular fermented foods are kimchee (Korean) and sauerkraut (German).

3. The term archangel is not found in the Hebrew Bible or the Christian Old Testament. It is found in the Greek New Testament twice to "label" Michael, previously called "one of the chief princes" in the book of Daniel.

4. The top 5 guns women buy are: Smith & Wesson MP Shield, Glock 43 9mm, Sig Sauer P238 .380, Glock 42 .380, and Walther PPS M2.

5. The average American throws away 4.4 pounds of trash every day.

6. People who read are 2 1/2 times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s later in life. 

7. Kleenex tissues made by Kimberly-Clark were originally used as replaceable filters in gas masks, a demand created by the use of poison gas in World War I.

8. Brontophobia is the fear of thunder.

9. Male cats have longer tails than female cats.

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