Laughter? Good for YOU!

Medical authorities, scientists, and other learned individuals all over the world acknowledge that laughter is good for the human race.

Proven to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, burn calories, and relaxe our muscles, laughter improves your physical health.

It enhances your mental health too and improves your mood. It can decrease anger, tension, and anxiety and increase feelings of optimism and hope. 

Laughter energizes you and makes you feel happier. Is it any wonder that humor in books is so popular?


Today is Thursday3Some so here are 3 videos that will tickle your funny bone. Don't have a mouthful of coffee when you watch these, or you may end up mopping the floor.

Funny Signs by El Arroyo (This is an Austin, Texas restaurant known and loved by many.)

Takeaway Truth

Prescription: Take as needed.

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