Modern Magic: Free QR Code Maker

Happy Monday! It's Amazon Prime Day

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I know you want to shop, but take a few minutes to read about the free app I have for you today.

What can you do with a QR Code? Embed information like any URL—your website, blog,  or other social media.  

With the free level, you can embed any URL, i.e. MP3, PDF, or a file URL.

With QR Code Monkey, create a static QR code that's 100% free and downloadable. Static means you can't edit it or embed other information.

If you need scan statistics, flexible editability, and other features, look at the professional level of QR Code Generator.

You can also embed an identifying image or logo that will appear in the center of the QR Code. I'll embed a couple I created so you can see what they look like. 

The images you make are readable with any QR code reader, like the one on your cell phone.

The QR Code at right is the signup URL for my free newsletter. Try it with your cell phone QR code reader. You'll see it takes you to my signup page.

What Can You Do with QR Codes?

When you create a QR code with this free app, you download it to your computer. Then you can use it as an image in blog posts, emails, your website, or in printed materials.

The app is really easy to use and can be custom designed with an image you upload or one of their stock images on the website. You can also change the color of the code data, purple in the newsletter code, and the background color, white in this case.

This QR code at left takes you to a Follow Joan page on SlingWords where you can find all of my social media links listed. 

You'll notice that this time I chose the standard black code on white background and used the social media image in the center as a logo. 

With some blog posts, I list the popular online links where you can find me and also post a signup link for my free newsletter. I think it would be easier to just post a QR code than list all the links.

I'm going to experiment with using QR codes in various ways. This "plain" QR code at right is the link to this blog. What do you think about QR Codes? Do you use your cell phone app to read product information in stores? I do.

Takeaway Truth

Is this free app something you might use to create QR codes to direct visitors to your websites or blog or perhaps in a letter so someone can find your website?


  1. I just read to put a QR code in the back of print books to send readers to your website. Now I find this handy guide for which I thank you. I hope I can figure out how to make a QR code.

    1. It's really easy, Caroline. If you have any problems, email me.