Alexa for Beginners

Alexa is one of the most famous voices on the planet yet there  are many people who don't understand Alexa.

This little post is for those who would like to use an Alexa device but don't know much about it.

Click here to read The Alexa User Guide. Here are some highlights from it to get you started.

1. Alexa app
The Amazon Alexa app, which can be downloaded, is a quick and easy way to try Alexa on your smart phone and help you set up and manage a compatible Alexa device. You can set up your Alexa-enabled device in a few simple steps through the Alexa app.

2. Read about the Alexa Privacy Controls.

3. Alexa Skills are apps you can download to your Alexa device. There are 10s of 1000s Alexa Skills. You can use skills to play games, listen to podcasts, meditate, order food, get organized, learn things, research, make phone calls through your smart phone, play music—the sky is the limit for what can be done.

4. Read the User Guide FAQs, excerpted below.

5. What is Alexa?
Alexa is Amazon’s voice AI, that is, Artificial Intelligence. 

Alexa lives in the cloud and is happy to help anywhere there's internet access and a device that can connect to Alexa. Making Alexa part of your day is as simple as asking a question or making a request.

6. What's the difference between Alexa and Echo?
Alexa and Echo work hand in hand—so you don’t have to use your hands. While there are lots of Echo devices, there’s only one Alexa. 

Alexa puts the smart in Echo smart speakers, screens, and wearables. Alexa lives in the cloud, which means you can ask Alexa for help wherever you find Alexa even in the Alexa app on your smartphone.

7. What is the difference between "Works with Alexa" and "Alexa Built-In?"
“Works with Alexa” devices are those you can control using the Alexa voice service, such as a smart light bulb, thermostat, or eletric outlet.

“Alexa Built-in” describes third-party devices that let you access the Alexa voice service.

For example, you can control a "Works with Alexa" device using your voice by saying “Alexa, turn on the light” to an Alexa Built-in device (or an Amazon device with Alexa, such as an Echo smart speaker or smart display).

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