Why Do We Say TGIF?

This morning after dealing with the problem du jour, I muttered, "Thank God it's Friday.

I've said those words a lot whenever a week has been especially brutal.

So it was an appropriate incantation today when the last 2 weeks were when Hell froze over and chaos reigned.

Feb. 15 began the Winter Storm and a week of no power. Feb. 24 was my deadline for a manuscript.

No power means no working on a manuscript. I put in 18 hours a day from Feb. 21 to 6pm Feb. 24 to get edits and proofreading done. I made it, but I think I'm too old to pull 18 hour days.

Escape Became No Escape

With a temporary fix on our plumbing problem here, we left to go to our house in the country only to discover a broken water line from the well to the holding tank. Fortunately, the water well is the source only for our yard sprinklers. We stayed a few days to recuperate from the winter storm ordeal.

On the way back to Houston, we hit every Home Depot and Lowes in an effort to find the parts to repair the water line in the country. I lost count of how many places we've visited looking for male connections. Male connections for plumbing are as hard to find as a good man, I guess.

Why Do We Say TGIF?

The phrase is one of those whos origins are disputed. Some sources say it came from a 1941 entry in the Encyclopedia of Slang.

Supposedly, the first time TGIF was seen in print was a quote from The Marion Star, an Ohio local  newspaper: "I thought I’d heard of everything in the way of booster clubs, alumni organization and the like, but this city, home of the Ohio State university Buckeyes...has...the “Thank God It’s Friday” Club, composed of college undergraduates."

Of course, in the 1960s, it was common to hear, "Thank Goodness—or God—It's Friday" from those in the workforce. The expression just meant they could relax and have fun on the weekend.

Alan Stillman, a founder of the restaurant chain T.GI. Friday's, chose that name because to him it was perfect for a place where single young people would go on Friday night. I guess he must have been right because T.G.I. Friday’s has more than 1,000 restaurants in 61 countries.

Then there was the movie, "Thank God It’s Friday” which opened during the disco-fever decade. The song "Last Dance" from the movie actually won the Academy Award for Best Song in 1979.

Takeaway Truth

So why do we say that? Because it fits the work week where everyone, those working outside the home as well as those who work from home, have that feeling of relief that the work week is over.

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  1. I love this. The very 1st time I was ever conscious of hearing the phrase was when I went to T.G.I.F with girlfriends when there were only a few of them around. I've used it ever since, of course!

  2. Even though I work seven days a week from home, I still feel that sense of relief on Friday. I suppose it's ingrained in me now from when I worked a regular job outside the home. I didn't realize the phrase had been around so long. Interesting post, as all of yours are, Joan.