Make Your Website Sticky: Step 2

Welcome back to 3 Steps in Making Your Website Sticky.

Read Step 1: Content.

Want to make your website hot? Make it the bomb? Then you want to make it sticky.

A sticky website is one that attracts visitors, makes them stay on the site, and return often. 

Stickiness is why visitors tell others about a website.

Step 2: Community

Create a community built around your website, you, and your product. Do this by giving your visitors a way to interact with you.

Enable and encourage comments. Always reply when someone takes the time to leave a comment—the quicker the better. 

If you have a huge volume of traffic, then make use of any of the popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to interact more frequently. Whether on your website and/or your chosen social media site, maintain a daily presence if at all possible.

Post a Contact Page on your website with a special email address for communicating with your website visitors so they can contact you privately. 

Screen these emails carefully, of course. Respond to anyone who is legitimate and takes the time to contact you.

Do not engage with anyone who emails inflammatory content. Also, do not use your personal email which you use for friends and family.

What you want to do with your website is what Barnes and Noble did with their bookstores several years ago. Do you remember when book stores just sold books? Barnes and Noble changed the whole brick and mortar bookstore scheme by installing coffee bars.

The longer a B&N customer hung out at the coffee bar, the greater the chance that he/she would think of another book that should be bought, or someone might mention a book, and the customer would go find it. The coffee bar experience brought more people into the store, and they stayed longer. B&N made the store sticky.

Model Success of Others

Take that idea and create a similar atmosphere with your website—a comfy, cozy place where you chat with anyone who drops by.

Visitors, leave comments when you find something that resonates with you. 

Ask questions. Make suggestions. Give your opinion. A website owner doesn't know what you feel, think, or need unless you tell him/her.

Takeaway Truth

Create a community of like-minded visitors, and you'll have fun every time you post to your website and interact with those who leave comments.

Come back tomorrow for Step 3 in How to Make Your Website Sticky.

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