Make Your Website Sticky: Step 3

Welcome back to How to Make Your Website Sticky.

Read Step 1: Content.

Read Step 2: Community.

Stickiness, in case you just dropped in, means the desireability of a website.

Stickiness is why people stick around, spend time on a website, come back often, and tell their friends about the website.

I'm not talking about the visual design which I'll cover later.

Step 3: Commerce

Ah, yes, filthy lucre as it was once called, or the almighty dollar as my grandfather called it. If you're like me, you were raised not to talk about money. In business, employees aren't supposed to tell others how much they make. It's considered impolite to discuss salaries, perks, and such in social settings.

However, commerce, buying and selling, is of crucial importance to anyone who operates a website with the hope of making money from it. This doesn't apply only to Amazon, Apple, and other big corporations with websites.

It applies to you too if you have even one thing you want the public to recognize and eventually, hopefully, purchase.

Big businesses pay a lot of attention to successfully converting visitors into buyers. 

They offer discounts, bonuses, reward points, and special offers to entice a visitor to buy and to return at a future date to buy again.

This is something small business websites should model. Look at what the big guys do and see if you can adapt that to your small biz website.

Can you offer free books or reports or free samples of your online cookie company? Can you have a giveaway? 

Can you join with other small biz websites to cross promote? Are you willing to promote whatever you decide to do? Do you offer links to other websites that your visitor might be interested in? Do you "share the love" and blog about friends and their products?

Remember, even in Commerce, the goal is to give your website visitors what they want and need. Maybe they want print books, but you don't offer print books. Send them to a friend's website who does.

Takeaway Truth

That's my 3 C's of making a website desirable and magnetic, or sticky. A sticky website will bring more visitors and keep them coming back for more, and that will promote you and your product whatever that may be as well as those with whom you cross-promote.

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