Fun App: BS Generator for Corporate Slogans

I'm staying at home. Hope you are too. If you're missing your away-from home job, you might want a little fun?

Try this free BS Generator to create corporate slogans.

The comic strip on the webpage illustrates the kind of BS you can generate.

Just click the Generate button and you get marvelous corporate slogans like:

"energistically reconceptualize one-to-one convergence"

"holisticly supply enabled experiences"

"assertively benchmark distributed catalysts for change"

In other words, create corporate slogans that say, the most words, absolutely nothing! My corporate slogan? "I put the K in Kwality."

As the website says, repeat ad nauseam until you've found the perfect one to describe your corporate employer.

Takeaway Truth

Be safe. Be cool. Follow the CDC rule. Have a great Monday!