Quick Tip: Time and Priorities

Are you living a demanding life? Are there too many "must-do" items on your To-Do List?

What happens when you're trying to achieve something creative, but the demands of your life have drained your physical and emotional energy?

There's only one solution. It's simple but not necessarily easy.

Despite all of our responsibilities—those things that absolutely must be done like a job, taking care of a loved one who needs help, being there for your children and your significant other—we do have some discretionary time.

What To Do With Discretionary Time

(1) First decide what your #1 priority is.

Is it write a book, plant a garden, clean up the clutter in your home, or cook a meal? Identify your priority. Decide that you'll work to achieve that in your discretionary time.

(2) Focus on your priority.

That means no surfing the channels on TV, no binge watching a "comfort" series, no trolling through social media posts, no video games, etc.  How badly do you want to achieve it?

(3) Ramp up your passion for achieving that priority.

(4) Let your family know so you'll have their support.

Tell them that's how you'll spend 30 minutes every evening or 1 hour or whatever it may be.

(5) Make that time a priority in your life.

(6) Then fit in all the other minor "must-do" items around that.

Takeaway Truth

It's easy to give in to tiredness, but working on something you really want energizes you. Doing that consistently will give you a feeling of accomplishment, and that causes your brain to release endorphins, the feel good hormones.

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