Short and Sweet: Why Do Writers Write?

Well, the cray-cray week continues.

Did you ever wonder why authors write? I mean, most of us complain about how hard and exhausting it is even though it's something we love to do.

So why do we do it? There are much easier ways to torture oneself...much easier ways to make a living.

The truth, I guess, is that it's some compulsion inside us. Even the famous authors are sometimes stumped by the question, "Why do authors write?"

H. L. Mencken once said: "Why authors write, I do not know. As well ask why a hen lays an egg or a cow stands patiently while a farmer burglarizes her."

Takeaway Truth

That sounds as if it is an undeniable compulsion or plain stupidity. Maybe it's a combination of both. *ROTFL*

What do you think?


  1. It's an addiction. So far, I haven't been able to kick the habit. Actually, I haven't tried.