Writing New Book Like Pulling Teeth

Hey! Actually, I started a new book a few weeks ago. Then real life intervened, and I didn't get much done.

However, this past week I started cranking out the words. I've often thought getting the story down is like pulling teeth at first.

It's not until I'm a fourth of the way in that the writing begins to flow.

One reason for this painful process is that I no longer have the luxury of writing every day.

I'm trying to create a new work discipline based on my new normal, but that's also been like pulling teeth! I find myself bemoaning that I can't go to my office at 8 each morning, coffee cup in hand, and devote myself to writing.

I even went back to an old motivation trick. I stick a little gold star on the calendar for every day I crank out words--any number of words even though I set my quota at 2200 words a day.

The new book is Second Chance Bride, Book 2 of All Brides Are Beautiful. I'll do a cover reveal
when I dive into polishing the draft. The cover is really beautiful and perfectly matches the story.

Second Chance Bride tells the story of Constance Quinn, Maddie's stepmother, who first appeared in Book 1, April Fool Bride.

A few reviews mentioned how hateful Constance was, but have no fear. She will be redeemed in her own story which reveals why she was so cold and distant in the past.

Only $2.99
New NetGalley Review of April Fool Bride

"April Fool Bride was a fast, fun read. What appealed to me about this story is that it is—technically—a second chance romance and a marriage of convenience, two of my favorite tropes.

Years ago oil heiress Maddie had a huge crush on the housekeeper’s son, Jake. One night she decided to act on that teenage crush and let’s just say that it didn’t end all that great for him. Or her, really.
Fast forward to the future and Maddie needs a man she can trust and there’s only one man she’s ever met who fits the bill. Jake.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this story is the deft way Joan Reeves was able to flesh out the characters by using the other character’s perspective. When we first learn about Maddie, it’s through Jake and it ain’t pretty. He makes her seem almost irredeemable, which did color my opinion of her. But we learned more about the new grownup Maddie through Jake’s perspective, which also made it clear why he fell for her.

This is a fast read, only about 120+ pages, but it reads like a full length story in that there are no elements missing. The mom and the stepmom were fun, meddlesome, characters who added a few layers of depth to tell us who our hero and heroine really are. It was hot, fun and fast, but most of all it was a good time!"

Takeaway Truth

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Changes happen.

You can rail against them or accept them and move on, changing to work with the new normal.

I always think moving on is the best choice!

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